Was working, isnt any more


Not sure if this is the correct forum but here goes:
I am developing for a large company. To make managing the site easier we have a tool where the page content is placed in a database and retrieved when the page is loaded (classic ASP page). We have many types of content being served this way including Javascript and other widgets. With the new API and subsequent new widget, all I get is “Tweets by @username” (username obfuscated), no feed. When I leave it in the Db but also hard code the widget on the page, it appears twice (the hard-coded version and the Db version). When I view the source of the Db version on the page, it is correct to the point where it works if I copy it from the “view page source” and past it into a dummy HTML page (works fine).
Apparently the Db version is retrieved properly but needs something else to kickstart it, something a simple HTML dummy page does.I have run into issues with page load and lifecycles with .Net, but this is classic ASP. At this point I dont even know where to begin looking. PLEASE advise and thanx in advance.

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