Warn: Whitelisting issue


Hi there

I am trying to create cards for my site and am getting whitelisting errors. Can someone please help? https://www.activeamigo.com.au

thank you


Hi @activeamigo, there are no Twitter Card meta tags at that URL, so there is nothing to display or preview at this time. You should first add meta tags to your HTML as described in the Cards Getting Started Guide. Once you have defined a Card in your HTML, the validator can help you test your Card and make sure it will be displayed properly when the URL with Card meta tags is Tweeted.


Hi there,
same problem here for http://integrity-index.org/


Hi. I’m trying to whitelist cards for our site: http://akimbo.ca and am getting the “WARN: Not Whitelisted” error. Thanks for helping!


May have posted previously in the wrong thread, but I’m having the same issue for Hubba.


There is no twitter:card markup on that page.



I am also having issues with trying to implement Twitter cards for my company’s account.

Our site is running on Wordpress, and I’m using the Yoast SEO plugin to implement the appropriate markup.

The issue I’m having is that some pages will validate using the validator tool, whereas others are getting the WARN: Not whitelisted error.

Having checked the source code on a number of pages I can’t see any differences in the markup so am at a loss as to why this is the case.

Happy to provide sample URLs if required.

Any help or insight would be appreciated, thank you.


If you can share a URL that displays this issue then hopefully someone can take a look for you.


Hi Andy,
We are having the same issue on all the webpages on our site where we implemented Twitter Card metadata in the head. The Card Validator gives the errors: “Unable to Render Card preview” and then:
INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 20 metatags were found
WARN: Not whitelisted
Here is an example URL: http://piumamusic.com/music/albums/piuma-ep.html

What are my next steps?
Thanks very much for the help.


You’re using smart quotes in your meta tags i.e. “” instead of “” - so you should fix that and revalidate.


That did the trick–thanks so much!