WARN: Not whitelisted


Hey everyone,

I’m using SEO Yoast on my WP website to show Twitter cards. It seemed easy to set up, but when I try to validate a post, I get this message: WARN: Not whitelisted

Here’s the post I was testing:

When I look at the code, I can see the Twitter markup. Any ideas as to why this won’t work?

Thanks so much!


I’ve just tried fetching this page in Chrome on the desktop, and using curl -A Twitterbot at the command line, and I cannot see any twitter:card tag or related markup.


Thanks for taking a look Andy!

When I look at the source code for that page, I do see the Twitter markup (from SEO Yoast). Here’s a screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/cGOFSMO1K

Is that not what I should be looking for?

Thanks again :slight_smile:


It is what you should be looking for, and that looks correct - the trouble is that for some reason, I’m not seeing the same thing! Are we absolutely sure that is the live URL to the same page? Could this be on a staging server or something? Very strange.



I simply cleared my website cache and the cloudflare cache and now it works. It must have been serving up an old version that didn’t have the markup loaded.

Thanks so much Andy!



… I love it when a plan comes together :slight_smile: