WARN: Not whitelisted


I’m trying to add a summary card to my tweets.

I’m using the plugin JM Twitter Cards, which I’ve activated and configured. But when I tried to validate my website, it got whitelisted. But at the same time, it shows in the log as “WARN: Not whitelisted”.

My blog is gerardoharias.com, Failed attached image

How do I get my card approved?



I just tried validating your page this morning, and it looks like you are missing a twitter:description field which is required for the Summary card.



I try to put up a “Summary Card”, on the site of my client, but I get an error “Not whitelisted”, can you tell me my mistake?

I want to clarify that I am connected to the Twitter account of my agency and not one of my client, is it important?

Url test: http://www.budget-jones.com/restaurants/la-cabane-a-bagels-direction-le-canada


In your case you have two errors:

<meta name="twitter::card" content="summary"/>

You have a double : colon there, remove one of them.
You are also missing twitter:description which is required for a summary card.


Thank you very much.
It’s a stupid mistake ^^
I thought the property og:description was also sufficient to summary.

I wanted to know what url need to be put in place for the sharing works with summary card.

Currently, I use this:

I guess I don’t need variable query, only url ?


It’s entirely up to you what you add to the sharing intent. The only thing required for the summary card to show is the URL to the page with the card. Note that the card will not show in the sharing intent pop-up itself, only in the final rendered Tweet.

Also, you’re right that og:description will work for description, I missed that you’d included it.


Okay, thank you very much for your help


Thank you very much for the help, I think it was solved!

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