WARN: Not whitelisted


we have the same problem here how we can fix this


What twitter:card markup is in your page source?


we this code in


I’m unable to access the URL (the page that comes back just shows a “60%” bar), but I would double-check that you have all the required tags for implementing Twitter cards in your source code, and then also make sure that your site loads and is accessible to our web crawler (Twitterbot).


Please do not write multiple posts about the same issue: WARN: Not whitelisted


I’m having the same problem when I try to validate a link on my friend’s blog (mine works fine, though).


Please provide us with a link to a example post, the link in your screenshot is not fully readable and I don’t want to type it manually from the screenshot, thanks!


Here: http://toclivros.blogspot.com.br/2016/02/explorando-parte-i-portugal.html


That page has not Twitter Card Meta-Tags at all, it seems.


@cintiamcr there are no Twitter Cards tags on that page, so until you have that working, you won’t be able to validate the page.


i fix the problem thanks for you help

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