WARN: Not whitelisted


On the card validator twitter site I get this warn and I’m unable to render card preview.
This is the url I’m trying to preview: http://www.lance.com.br/futebol-internacional/real-confirma-lesao-bale-que-deve-voltar-contra-roma-champions.html - @lance_futinter


It looks like you have some kind of script in the page that is supposed to render the Cards meta tags into to the HTML output. This will not work as the crawler doesn’t execute JS and requires that the tags are visible in static HTML.


I have the same problem for paulgodard.com.

Paul Godard@paulgodard
The card for your website will look a little something like this!
Unable to render Card preview
INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 17 metatags were found
WARN: Not whitelisted

Please help urgently.


There are no Twitter cards metatags on that page, that I can see. What do you think you’ve added?


Indeed. Sorry for that… I probably uploaded the wrong file to generate the metatags. Thank you for pointing this out.

BTW, is it normal that the post to twitter from my website come with the sumary hidden and need an extra click on show the summary including the big image. Is there any way to post via twitter card and show the big image directly, like it is on the mobile app?


Not right now, but you may see changes to the web client in line with the mobile apps in the future. Today, you do indeed need to click the view summary link to view the main card.

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