WARN: Not whitelisted



I know every body is having this problem but no one says how to fix it, it sounds the issue just “disappeared”, could someone explain me what TO DO to fix this ?




Please share your URL with Cards markup. If your markup is correct and the site is accessible there should be no need for whitelisting, since this is automatic.


Here is what I get. As you can guess, I did feel in the twitter title and description but your application seems to ignore it.


Now the Twitter card is not showing
I have not received approval on mySummary Twitter Card but I can see it’s working now (no idea why). All the tags validate properly, however when linking to the page from a tweet, the card does not appear. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Hello, could you please give me an answer of what I should do next ?
My twitter card has been approved, i activated the plugin SEO Yoast but still no txitter card appear when twitting on my website. What is still missing ??




You can try to tweet this article : http://bcmarketingfreelance.fr/10-tactiques-de-growth-hacking-accessibles-a-tous/, there won’t be any card…