Warn: Not Whitelisted



I’m testing the card rendering for a page on our site, but it’s not rendering. I’ve included screenshot below. And below are the meta tags added to the HTML on the page.

Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!


I just had a go with what I assume was your URL http://www.legacycommunityhealth.org/Services/HIVSTDScreeningTreatment.aspx

I don’t see any of the twitter:card tags you show in the top screenshot, visible in the page source? I get the same result as you in the preview in the validator. The metatags that it refers to are all of the other meta values in the page.


Ahhh, so I need to go to the actual metatag section on my CMS to enter this data in? Sorry, I’m new to some of the backend workings here.

Thank you!