WARN: Not whitelisted with capitalization in domain name


Hey there,

I’m looking for some advice on a summary card issue. I have put our domain name through the Card Validator with success (http://cnastories.ca), but when I add any capitalization to the domain name (http://CNAstories.ca), I am receiving a WARN: Not whitelisted error.

I’m wondering if there is something I am doing on my end that is creating this error (for instance a known server configuration issue). Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


For some reason, when retrieved with the User Agent set to Twitterbot, cnastories.ca returns twitter:card tags but CNAstories.ca does not. I’d assume a server configuration issue is the root cause here.


I looked into it further, and it ended up being a bug on our end, not a server configuration issue. Thanks for the help.