WARN: Not whitelisted - whitelisting problem


Hi all,

We have a problem with whitelisting open source project @marionettejs
Our requests for whitelist are constantly rejected for some reason.

The validator summary:

INFO:  Page fetched successfully
INFO:  14 metatags were found
INFO:  twitter:card = summary tag found
WARN:  Not whitelisted

Our project is available at: http://marionettejs.com/
And project has a public, open source code available at: https://github.com/marionettejs

Can someone look into this and shed some light, help to solve whitelisting problem?



Hi @blazejewicz, thanks for starting a new thread.

There is an error that is not being surfaced in your case. There are a couple of issues. Twitter is looking for an image and is falling back on the og:image. That’s ok, however the URL in og:image is not an absolute URL.

Even when I do construct a URL for your image there is no image at:


Additional the Twitter bot will look for a robots.txt where your image is hosted, so you will need one at:


Btw, love the project. I’m a long time backbone.js user.


Really, really thanks! Now I know what we should fix.
Should we resubmit, post here or do something else when we are ready?

Really appreciate your input.


All fixed, we will resubmit request!



Fixed! Thanks!

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