WARN: Not whitelisted / whitelist request was approved 8 days ago



I can see that there are other users having the same issue and you are manually whitelisting domains.
Can you please manually whitelist *.inoreader.com?
I have previously enabled the Summary Card with Large Image and now I’m trying to enable the regular Summary Card, but I’m hitting the same bug as the others. Here’s a screenshot:




It seems that the issue is fixed - WARN: Not whitelisted - whitelist request was approved 18 days ago


I’m having the same issue for Hubba still. @andypiper, @jbulava any ideas?


Just tried your link in the validator and it is working for me, are you still seeing an issue?


I see the preview working now in the card validator - but when I post any blog post URL in Twitter there’s no preview. I tried posting the URL using Hootsuite and not using it.

@andypiper I see that it shows up but I’m wondering why you have to press view summary when the other tweets in my feed are auto expanded and you can see the image without having to press view summary?


Works here - you’ll need to click View Summary in the web version of Twitter, or check on one of the Twitter mobile clients on iOS or Android.