WARN: Not whitelisted - whitelist request was approved 18 days ago



I’m trying to add a summary card to my tweets.

When I tried to validate my website, it got whitelisted. But at the same time, it shows in the log as “WARN: Not whitelisted”.

Due to this issue, neither the summary nor the small picture are appearing in my tweets. I thought this was a temporary but its been 18 days and nothing has changed.

When I preview a link (http://www.dailylinuxnews.com/blog/2014/10/poodle-attack-disable-sslv3-in-your-browser/) in the Card Validator, I get the following message,

*.dailylinuxnews.com whitelist request was approved 18 days ago

But at the same time, the log throws a warning as Not whitelisted,

INFO:  Page fetched successfully
INFO:  29 metatags were found
INFO:  twitter:card = summary tag found
WARN:  Not whitelisted

I’ve tried shortening the url’s using bit.ly & goo.gl but still stuck with the same error.

I would be really grateful if someone could fix this issue. Thanks.


Even I am facing the same problem. I think its a bug.






I am facing same issue, in my case summary large card was approved several days ago and i guess twitter’s validator is confusing summary large with summary card.

For sure its a bug and i hope someone acknowledge it soon.

WARN: Not whitelisted / whitelist request was approved 8 days ago

Sorry for the delay here.

I’ve whitelisted dailylinuxnews.com for summary cards; hope that helps.

If there are others, please provide the domain here and I’ll do my best to address manually.

Apologize for the outstanding issues; working with our eng team to prioritize and get some fixes out there!


Getting the WARN: not whitelisted for www.sparkle-gear.com wit hte card type = “summary_large_image”. Can you help?


Hi @rchoi, would you please help me to whitelist www.directasia.com.hk for “summary” cards manually? (it has already been approved for the “summary_large_image”) As I has a blog page under the sub-directory: http://www.directasia.com.hk/blog/car/car-insurance-8-things/ Thank you very much!~


I am having the same issue with my site: Warn: Not whitelisted.

There is no button to ask for whitellisting. I have had cards work before.

Any help would be amazing.


@rchoi http://www.buzzclue.com/abbas will you review this summary card and validate? Its been while and i am not able to request approval



Sorry for the delay here.

I’ve whitelisted dailylinuxnews.com for summary cards; hope that helps.

@rchoi, thank you very much. :smile:


We are having the same problem with http://holykaw.alltop.com/


Similar problem here. We whitelisted summary_large_image first and now I cannot whitelist a normal summary card as it says our request has already been approved 5 days ago. Any way to go around this?


In our case, I believe there is a bug in the whitelisting process. The process whitelisted the subdomains of our subdomain which hosts our news:


I believe that it should have approved:



I have the exact same problem with *.inoreader.com.
Can someone please help? Either by fixing the bug, or manually whitelisting *.inoreader.com for Summary Card.



Hi rchoi,
could you whitelist benjaminaurel.com for summary + image. Thank you so much. I get the same warning.


Have the same issue for *.thoroughlypositive.com for the summary card. Can you please whitelist? Thanks.


The engineering team has pushed an update to address the “Not whitelisted” issues out there. Please try to validate your cards and let me know if you are still seeing this message!


Nope, still not working. http://advancerecruitment.net


Hi there!

Don’t see any cards on this page. Let me know when it’s updated!