"WARN: Not whitelisted" & "ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors"



Trying to validate a new website, and getting the error “WARN: Not whitelisted”…

Also, on a site I whitelisted a very long time ago, I know get this error when trying to validate and also the cards have stopped working in Twitter… "ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors."

Any help would be appreciated.


On your Rogers Music site, I can see you’re using a plugin to add meta tags for cards, but there’s no actual twitter:card value in the page, so there’s no card type declared. See our troubleshooting post.

I’m not sure what the issue is with the other site at the moment, it does look like the meta tags are all there, so it may be a temporary network issue with our fetcher.


Thanks for your response Andy.

Fixed the Roger’s Music site, so thanks for the tip. My main website though ( http://www.jameswoodcock.co.uk/2016/06/28/snoopy-and-charlie-brown-the-peanuts-movie-review/ ) still isn’t working and hasn’t for months now… Any thoughts?


Our fetcher cannot connect to that site at all, so my hypothesis would be that maybe it is blocking our IP addresses? I can’t tell otherwise.



A little update…

After creating a bare bones HTML file with the social tags required and nothing more, so I could see that the theme / plugins were not to blame, the host of my website found that the Twitter IP was bring blocked - this has since been unblocked and is now working correctly.

Thanks for your help Andy, ensured I knew I was on the right track.

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