"WARN: Not whitelisted" card validation issue



Twitter seems to be able to fetch pages from our site (www.tor.com: a sci-fi/fantasy blog) but gave us a “WARN: Not whitelisted” message when we attempted to validate our card. Can anyone assist? Thanks!

  • Chris


I don’t see any twitter:card tag in your pages, so you don’t have any cards defined. Your site can’t be whitelisted until you set some up.



Thanks for responding. We are using the Jetpack plugin on our site and set up according to:


Are the changes in the Advanced Configuration section necessary for this? It could also be that the Jetpack plugin is not working properly and we can follow up with them.




I looked through the HTML source of a few posts as well since this is where Jetpack would be adding meta tags. I still do not see anything, so unfortunately I think it has something to do with the plugin. I would suggest reaching out to their support team.


Will do, thanks for the fast response.



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