WARN: No metatags found (Twitter Card)



Hello there

I’m having the legend problem of twitter card. Everytime when i check validator i got this error “WARN: No metatags found”

I need to say that i have tags and twitter bots have permission in robots.txt file. I have tried almost everything but they just doesn’t work.

site: https://www.nebucoin.com



Any thoughts on why your site returns 403 Forbidden when the Twitterbot user-agent is used? That will be the issue. It’s literally the third thing to check in the troubleshooting post.


the third thing? if problem is robots.txt =>

User-agent: Twitterbot

Allow: /images

Allow: /archives

if problem is htcacsess =>I also added twitter bot there

So do you think because of the hosting service i’m having this problem or because of twitter? Because i did everything that i can please don’t make me read another 3 pages of same informations. If you have any idea about 403 forbidden then let me know what is it.

Thank you for your answer

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