WARN: No meta tags found


Until recently twitter cards were working fine on http://www.CorradoG60.com but now I can’t get any cards working. The validator just gives the same message:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
WARN: No metatags found

I’m not aware of changes that could have contributed to this, and the meta most certianly is there :-/ Can this be fixed please?


Anyone? Why is the card not working for the whole of my site, when it was previously?


Can anybody help at all? CorradoG60.com just won’t show any cards at all anymore…


Still not working :frowning: Are there any Twitter devs around that can help?

Thanks, Neil.


Anybody? Somebody?


Sorry about the delayed feedback. The root cause is that your site is returning HTTP status code 404 even when the content of the page is present. Our fetcher interpret HTTP404 (Page Not Found) and stop processing. Hence the error message No metatags. Please fix the return status code and it should be working again.


Thanks for the reply. But I’m not sure what would cause the 404? Can you expand on where/what I should be looking at to fix this?