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I am using a wordpress website. My twitter cards have worked absolutely fine until a few days ago.

Every time i now use the validator, it is giving me the “no meta tags found” error.

I have entered the correct meta tags into my header.php but still not working.

Is there a fix to this?



We made some infrastructure changes on our side last week that caused a temporary glitch for some cards, and that might manifest like this. Are you able to share an example link so we can take a look?


Thanks for getting back to me @andypiper

Here is the link http://www.londonnewsonline.co.uk/3583/owner-overjoyed-council-staff-save-90-year-old-tortoise/

Also i have noticed that this problem has been occurring on another website i have built (pretty much the same as the one above) for about 2 months now.

Here is the link for that website http://www.viewnews.co.uk/paramedics-called-cardiac-arrest-axminster/



Well this issue was only introduced last week, so if you’ve had it on another for 2 months, there may be something else at work. I see what I can discover when I have time.


So when I run

curl -A Twitterbot http://www.londonnewsonline.co.uk/3583/owner-overjoyed-council-staff-save-90-year-old-tortoise/

The resulting document contains two <html> bodies. There’s a second one at the end, immediately after the embedded stylesheet information. This is not valid HTML. This also happens when I open the page in Chrome, the document is served with two full <html> segments - it’s just the the browser ignores the second one and renders what it can.

I’ve run the same page through the W3C validator at http://validator.w3.org and it lists a large number of errors including the last one which is that having a second document and head is a fatal error.

I do not believe your issue is related to our temporary cards problem. The cards validator cannot read your meta tags as the page is not valid, and the “second” HTML document doesn’t have twitter:card markup.

I’ve not looked at your other site.


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