Warm: Not whitelisted


When trying to use the validator against http://www.libreriausados.com.ar/Libro-Usado/Guy-des-Cars-El-fabricante-de-muertos-0004.html I get the WARN: Not whitelisted error and the card preview can’t be rendered.

The page contains the og:description, og:title and og:image tags, as well as allowing Twitterbot in the robots.txt file.

Is there any way to further diagnose this issue? On Facebook for example the OpenGraph information is parsed correctly.


Have you confirmed this against all of the troubleshooting steps in our FAQ post?


Hello The DONE ALL checks that found on the website and the blog and do not understand what the error is so no one can see the card with photo on Twitter agradecere your help


OK So the first step is checking you have a valid twitter:card type specified? og: tags are not enough without a card type.

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