Want to increase width of Twitter widget



Since few days, my Twitter widget on my website seems so narrow…

So I viewed the cord in developer tools within Google Chrome (press f12), I found CSS propaty that I set is ignored.

I set ‘width=100%’ , but the widget displays on left with 520px now, so large blank areas appearing on right.

How can I increase display width as 100%?


Thank you everyone.

I solved myself, no need to answer.


Hi, ponyoka.
Can you please share the solution for others?
Have a similar problem recently. I’ll be very grateful!


Hi, volas_10

I use jQuery for hack this problem.

I wrote the solution in my blog below (because of written in Japanese, you might translate to your native)

http://bit.ly/1JvCvb0 (URL is shoten)

Please see and try it!