Want to fetch Usertime lines of close to 40 users using R


Hi Guys, I want to fetch UserTimeLine of about 40 users in a for loop, using USerTimeLine() method from twitteR package from R. I am getting around 600 tweets per user. But after 10 or 11 users, it starts, giving error.

Error in twInterfaceObj$doAPICall(cmd, params, method, …) :
OAuth authentication error:
This most likely means that you have incorrectly called setup_twitter_oauth()’.

I even tried doing an Roauth after getting tweets from batch of 10 users. Is it fine to use REST API based packages for this ? or i have to use some other methods ? Please help i am new to this.


Hi Guys I m sorted, the given error was because i had a protected handle in the list of handles and it was breaking due to that specific handle. After removing that handle it went through like butter. thanks.