Want to create automatic blackqoutes tweet on my website



This is my very first time here. And I want to push myself as an webdesigner so my page would be more attractive for my own bussniess. Twitter have helped me alot to get new bussniess for my music and today’s web surfer can see if an webpage is professional or not.

I want to create an blockqoutes which automaticly takes my tweets without pictures, only text and change my tweets after couple of secconds. I try to read the developers side on twitter but my autism makes me confuse.

I look everywhere and thoose functions cost money. I code in html5 with css on the side. Which is the best method to code this blockquotes tweets in html5?


Hello StatosPro,

I wonder if the oembed api can help you.

e.g.: you can make a request to: https://publish.twitter.com/oembed?url=https://twitter.com/jack/status/20&omit_script=true
This will result in a json object that has the blockquote html without any script tags. If you use the blockquote html in the response, it’ll render the text only form of the Tweet you seem to be after.

Hope that helps!


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