Waiting to hear on App approval for a LONG time


Hi. I’ve come here because I’ve run out of ideas.

Like many developers, our app was submitted for elevated POST access a long time ago, and we have not heard back from Twitter at all. We even re-submitted our request and still nothing.

Meanwhile we are getting rate-limited like crazy and our customers are fit to be tied about it.

We have been a good citizen app for almost 10 years now and we don’t know who we need to talk to in order to get this approved.

Can anyone here please help us get in touch with the right people? Thanks so much.

David Whalen
Engage121, Inc.


@dwhalenenr you need to have an approved Developer account before you can ask for elevated POST limits. Please find the “request for more info” email that we sent and reply to reopen your application. (Check the email that is attached to the applying @handle, and the spam folder please)

Once you have an approved dev account, we can elevate your POST limits.