Waiting so long for Twitter developer account review


i’ve been waiting the application review for a month. till now, i can’t access the developer feature. Twitter give advice to check my email inbox and spam, but there’s nothing response from Twitter’s team. FYI I need to use that feature only for education approach. please help me to find the best solution for this problem. thanks a lot twitter’s teams.

My developer account username: kurniawanfcb_


Hi @kurniawanfcb - we sent you this email on 11/22/2018. As you no longer seem to have it, I will ask the team here to re-send it to you. Please make sure you keep an eye out for this email and respond to it in as much detail as possible for your application to move forward.


Thank you @Aurelia
Glad to read your response. I’m waiting and i’ll always keep my eyes on my inbox.
Once again thanks


I am having the same problem, it’s been 28 days at least and my account is still showing as pending.

I tried contacting twitter but got a reply saying they don’t respond to that email address.

Is there any updates on how we can get this sorted? Being a developer and not being able to create apps is really causing me problems.


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