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When can I expect to get access to the new Premium APIs? I asked access more than 2 months ago and no response. I’m building an app that’s fully based on the Search endpoint and now that I’m getting about to finish it I would need to access the new Premium APIs.



@phuthi_7 what was the @handle and appID you used to apply?



I think it was @phuthi_7 and appID was

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It looks like you’re approved with the environment name: env-beta


Thank you very much


So when I go to manage my environments I am still requested to set up an environment. Are you referring to the same thing?


During the beta period, the Account Activity API environments do not show up on the dashboard, so if you’re whitelisted for access it will not appear and you do not need to create an environment yourself, the name of your environment will be env-beta.