Waiting List In premium API - Still waiting


I had applied for premium API access from a different account. Its been 2 weeks since i have applied for it and there is not even a response from twitter’s side. I had tweeted to @andypiper and @TwitterDev but have not recieved a reply yet. i dont see any other means of support. Thus, this thread


While all others are getting replies, why are you guys not answering this one? Is there any seperate support for people from partner organisations?
@andypiper @KvdohertyQU @happycamper @indianburger @philgetzen @kltelles


Hi @Jeevz_10,

Given the demand for our APIs has been quite high, the current turnaround time for an application is ~1 month.

You seem to be in that range now, so our team should be reaching out to you in the next couple of weeks. If you don’t hear from them, let us know.



Hi Its already processed an i have subscribed to the API


Ok, glad to hear. I will close this topic now.