Waiting for p.twitter.com


After adding a tweet button to our site, we have noticed frequent 30+ second load times for “t.gif” from “p.twitter.com.” The site has full functionality but appears to continue loading. Is there a way to disable the loading of the pixel without breaching Twitter’s terms of service? I have noticed this problem on several other sites as well.

Thanks in advance


We have the same problem blocking page from loading after page loaded still waiting for p.twitter.com
any way to fix it?


I haven’t been able to find a solution yet. Even this discussion page was left hanging for 40 seconds with the same message, so I’m guessing it isn’t seen as an important issue.


I have not personally observed this issue but do not completely discount it. Can you offer any further information on this? Is it deterministic? What’s your ISP and where is it physically located? Do you have any other Javascript or widgets on your site? Are you using the output code from a button configuration or did you build the button yourself using the documentation from this site?


The issue happens on any site that hosts the tweet button. We are using the provided button code. I am positive that it has nothing to do with any additional scripts on our site, as I have seen it on twitter.com as well. We have observed the problem from ISP’s Comcast and teljet out of Vermont. For reference, this is the problem occurring on this forum page. http://imgur.com/xpdQ6. It is also always p.twitter.com, and never the pixel from r.twimg.com


Thanks David, I’ll ask some folks to take a look


Okay, so it seems like I’m not the only one with this problem. Ever since I inserted a tweet button on my site, I’ve had to deal with intermittent load times where the status bar would say "Waiting for p.twitter… " for 30+ seconds. By intermittent, I’d say 4 out of every 10 page loads. Any workarounds on this? My ISP is in Japan, and the script was copy/pasted directly from twitter. Thanks All-


We get this as well - I am accessing my website using Time Warner Cable in Charlotte, North Carolina. I know speed and connectivity is not an issue. Many of our users in Europe also complain about this. We are using the provided code at http://64bitvps.com/csgo/ - and we seem to notice this issue with the Firefox 15 browser the most. If we use Cloudflare, the problem is exacerbated.


I’m having this problem very frequently and for a long time. With this problem, Twitter button is almost unusable. I decided to remove them from our website to avoid Google’s page speed penalty. My website is hosted on Amazon S3 Oregon and Tokyo regions and I live in Japan.

…And the problem is occurring even on this forum right now :frowning:
Need fix.


I’m seeing this this afternoon: but only on my dev server, which operates on port 8080. The live site (which uses identical code) doesn’t appear to exhibit this problem.