Waiting for API access to be reinstated


This is regarding our application that has been restricted from interacting with API (write actions) due to a violation of Developer agreement and policy.

Once we came to know about this issue, our development team acted promptly and implemented the changes in our website to resolve the policy non-compliance.

Now it has been more than 72 hours (3 days) since we submitted the entire list of changes implemented in our website to resolve policy non-compliance however we did not hear back from Twitter after that email.

We tried to contact the same email a couple of times, but not got any response.

We are posting this message on the forum in a hope to receive a response from the concerned department.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing back from Twitter.


(edited to remove case ID etc)

Thanks, there has obviously been a weekend in the past 72 hours, so there’s a chance that there were no agents able to review your case in that time. Unfortunately we cannot help you with your issue here on this forum, and you’ll need to wait for a response to your ticket via the platform support forms.

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