w3c validation


the code generated by twitter for website implementation brings up an error when validated by w3c. there is no attribute “data-widget-id” in the line of code ….com/roytoncarrepair" data-widget-id=“345698226323738625”>Tweets by @roytonca
has anyone managed to overcome this problem???
Regards, Jon


Hi Jon,

The widgets validate against the HTML5 standard (where data- attributes were introduced.)



Hi Ben,
which is fine if it is being implemented on a brand spanking new website which has been written in HTML5 but to add it to an existing XHTML 1.0 transitional, I’m struggling to validate it. I’ve read the reply about using the embed tag and changing it to widgetId-" but cannot get this to work either.




Hi, Did you have any luck finding a solution? I have the exact same issue.