W3C Validated Twitter Widget



Does anyone know of anyway to get the twitter widget to be validated with XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

Got a few customers who are sticklers for validated code…





The widgets are valid HTML5, but use new features so the code we give won’t validate against XHTML. If you really, really need to, you can translate data-widget-id style attributes into URL parameters on the embed code, in the form .

I would strongly advise you switch to validating against HTML5 though; most XHTML syntax is a valid subset, so should still provide a good guide to your clients.



Bless you Sir! very helpful. That saved me form a lot of trouble, since there are way too many ‘target’ parameters in my website and HTML5 doesn’t like those.
Thank you!


Excellent thanks searched for an answer and this resolved the problem. Saved me loads of time