Visual bugs in TWTRTweet dark theme



Hi all, was just wondering what I do with reporting visual bugs in TwitterKit and this seemed the best option.

We’re doing hacks to get it to look better than this because this looks really poor, but we’re wondering if this is a waste of time if it’s going to get fixed any time soon officially?

Image has no hacks whatsoever, just the stock dark style.


Hey @samuelaled,

We’re looking into this bug and working on a fix. I don’t have an ETA yet though.



Ok brilliant, I’ll assume it won’t take that long since our hacks already “fix” it, but thanks for letting me know!


Hi Samuel! Thanks for reporting this. We’re working on a v2.6.1 patch release that will fix this. It should be out soon. Sorry for the bug—I’m glad you were able to work around it.