Violation to optimize app for followbacks?


I am writing a twitter app that uses a proprietary algorithm to predict if a given user will follow back. The goal of the app is to follow users that will follow back in order to grow your follower base. Does that violate any twitter policy? Thank You!


If your app is doing any kind of automation then this could be an issue.


Thank You Andy… so absent any automation this should be ok? Not in violation of any policy for my app to ‘recommend’ you follow a user based on the likelihood they will follow you back? Thanks again for your time Andy.


I’m not aware of anything but of course do make sure you review the policies yourself.


Thanks again Andy.
I contacted twitter via the suggested interface for restrictions and suspensions.
I provided all the info requested… but haven’t heard back for a week now.
Can you please suggest what my next move should be to have the restrictions lifted?

Thank You!



If you’ve been restricted you should have had an email notification from the platform support team explaining what the next steps are. If not then you can raise a ticket. There’s a high likelihood that your app was in violation of the Twitter rules, or suspended by our automated anti-spam system. We cannot help you further with app restrictions via these forums, you’ll need to use the platform support forms.

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