Vine and video support for Fabric?



When will Vine and amp.twimg videos be supported via a media player directly in the returned Tweet Views via Fabric?

It’s great Twitter Kit v1.15 supported animated gifs and videos. However, Vine and amp.twimg videos constitute a pretty large part of media entities that aren’t available as they’re simply linked back to Twitter in a hyper link. Makes Fabric seem only half-way there when it comes to supporting media entities. Not to mention Periscope which is gaining in popularity. It doesn’t look like Twitter Kit 2.0 supports them either, but if I’m wrong let me know.



No announcements about a video roadmap or future releases.

The latest version of Twitter Kit displays video attached to a Tweet, exposed through our API as a media extended entity of type video.

Vine and Amplify videos are not a part of a Tweet’s extended entities returned by our APIs today. If Vine, Amplify, or other video content became available through the API in the future and were described in the same M3U8 or MP4 (H.264 / AAC LC) formats then the current Twitter Kit code for video discovery and playback should play the content. Twitter Kit renders the best content view for the Tweet object it receives.

Periscope broadcasts expire after 24 hours. Content may be available as part of a live broadcast or archived for 24 hours. It’s possible to have a link to Periscope content published more than 24 hours ago.

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