Vimeo thumbnail not displaying, validates correctly


Hey there, work for Vimeo’s tech support team. We’ve noticed an issue in the past month or so with Vimeo video posts to Twitter not displaying the clip’s thumbnail. You can view lots of examples here:

It looks like when trying to load the images they are returning a 404. However, when we try and validate a clip (e.g. it definitely is finding the og:image.

Only differences I can see right now are that we’re using og:image instead of twitter:image, and the image URL is over HTTP.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas if either of those things could be the issue, or if there’s something else recently that’s changed? Thanks!


Is Vimeo’s robots.txt allowing Twitterbot to crawl those images, I wonder?


Ah, looks like you’ve also reported this here - I’ll check with Jon to see if we have any more info on our side.


@andypiper thanks for the update! Will keep track on that other thread.


Apologies for not seeing this thread earlier or your responses on the other discussion. Let’s set up a call to resolve ASAP. Send me a DM when you get a chance so we can connect today.