Viewing images from a tweet



TwitterKit recently added support for native viewing of videos and gifs from tweets. When an image in a tweet is tapped, the tweetView:didTapImage:withURL: delegate method is called. If the image is a video or gif, it is played by the default iOS video player. I feel as if the current way gifs are viewed is a bit lacking, for example they don’t loop like they do in the native Twitter app. Is there any way to override the default viewing and implement it in a custom viewcontroller?


When tapped on the image, default TWTRTweetView shows image in black background with broken back button on the top left corner.


Take a look at tweetView:didTapVideoWithURL:. It should provide what you need.


Is it happening across all Tweets or specific ones? Do you have a Tweet that can help us reproduce this? Thanks!


This is happening with all tweets with image, When I click on image to preview it, the image shows up in black view controller with a button on the top left corner of the screen with weird long name.


Are you implementing your own TWTRTweetViewDelegate methods namely tweetView:didTapImage:withURL:?

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