View X New Tweet notifications appear even after deleting app



I recently built a small script with PHP that posts to a twitter account. It was completely functional, running at 1 hour intervals, except for a notification problem. Every minute or so (the timing seems to be random), an interval of 5 “new tweets” will appear at the top of the page. When clicking it, nothing is displayed.

Thinking it was a problem with my script, I stopped the cron job, stopped all active scripts, and changed the php file names, but the problem still persisted. I then revoked application access, and deleted the application entirely, but the false notifications still continue to climb.

At this point, aside from deleting and remaking the entire account, I’m not sure how to get this problem to stop, nor am I sure what caused it in the first place. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Problem has been fixed. For anyone with a similar problem, once I created and authorized a new app, the ghost tweets stopped. Haven’t had a similar problem since… Exact same code.