View summary no longer working


I have a validated twitter summary card approved for my blog and it was working beautifully, but as of Monday morning it no longer adds view summary to my tweets.
Sample before (working):
Today’s tweet not working:

Here is the weird thing…tweets going out from pinterest and bloglovin show the view summary:

So to be clear…when I tweet directly from my site my tweets no longer show a view summary card since Sunday. However when the post shares to Pinterest and Bloglovin’ the summary goes out with their tweets.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I did re-verify my site in case there was a fluke and it told me I was already approved.


Hi Kimberly, sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing! I took at look at the two example tweets and your posts, and I ran the second link through the validator but it doesn’t seem to be showing your site as approved for cards.

Secondly, you appear to have two card definitions attached in your post (I can see twitter:card values for Summary and Summary with Large Image) so you should correct those.