View summary expanded by default


Is there a way to have large summary cards expanded by default when the tweet appears in the timeline on web? Or does Twitter not allow this and users must be the one to click “View Summary” to see the card?


Amazing how twitter is never able to answer such questions; either purposely or out of incompetence. I remember asking a similar question before and the answer was a lame one and the thread closed so not to elaborate/re-ask.

The question is very clear, how come twitter is not able to answer???


First of all I would like to remind you of our community guidelines for these forums - thanks :slightly_smiling:

We’ve explained how this works via several threads here in the past, apologies if you felt that we didn’t address your question adequately before. Having said that, the behaviour has changed since the original poster added this thread in 2014.

Today, the way things work is as follows:

  • Cards are expanded by default in the timeline on the Twitter apps for iOS and Android, as well as in Tweet detail view.
  • on the Web, you need to click the View Summary link to see the Card content.

We constantly look at ways to improve the user experience and that is one reason why you’ll see the Cards expanded by default on mobile now, when they were not before.


I’m sorry, but I don’t see that I violated any of your “respected” guidelines, but I do see however that my reply hit a nerve.

That’s not the case here, there are others who don’t even have the view summary option and all their tweets show the content/image, here’s an example:

In fact, they still use the content=photo meta tag. and obviously working for them even though this should have been DEPRECATED according to your devs.

Photo Card: This Card was DEPRECATED on July 3, 2015 and has been mapped to the Summary Card with Large Image.



All of the Tweets in that user’s timeline have images attached. Images override cards and are displayed in Tweets by default. So the Tweets you refer to are not in fact displaying cards at all.