View Conversations- API Support


I need this too!

If there continues not to be any plan to make this feature available, can you at least suggest a “best practice” way to do it with the existing API functionalities?


Hi Andy

I am trying to extract public customer support conversations with major brands like Jetblue, Southwest, Zappos, etc, on twitter. I am building a twitter bot that will auto reply to common customer support enquiries.

This feature will be really useful for this project. Or if you know of another easy way to access public conversations on Twitter, that will be super helpful too.





There is actually a way to get the whole conversation tree for any tweet, I do it all the time. Only issue is that you dont use the API for that, you have to use something else :slight_smile:


Care to share?



I’ve also previously commented on this feature request here.

This thread has been closed as it started over four years ago, and has taken various different directions since then.

You’re welcome to follow our developer platform roadmap, and to offer feedback on that. There’s no current plan for a conversation API at this time. Our blog post from April discusses the current focus of the API and platform, oriented towards data and customer service features rather than towards specific mapping of every client app feature into an API.

As always, we appreciate your interest and work with our API and platform, and we are listening!