View Conversations- API Support


Is there a API to fetch the conversation, as seen in “View Conversation” feature in twitter.


No, there is not.


Is there one in the pipeline for new features in Twitter like - View Conversations, View Media.


I found the Twitter for iPhone call a api is not documented:

but when I use the Developer Console in Twitter for Mac to GET this URL, I got a error:
“errors”: [
“message”: “Your credentials do not allow access to this resource”,
“code”: 220


It’s not documented because it’s not part of the public API.


Hi Taylor -

Is this the correct place to request a feature? It would be incredibly handy if /1.1/conversation/show were part of the public API.



Since the v1 API died we need an alternative. As you guys noticed, this is a very important feature … Twitter clearly understands that this is a required api endpoint, so what is the deal with not opening it up (and asking external devs to perform awkward workflows that do not really work and Twitter does not even use). The community would really need this API.

How does one go about asking for access to this api call?


Hatem, can you give us a little bit more details about what you are trying to do? We are thinking about making conversations better on Twitter and your input is really valuable as we define how we will make it happen.


Thanks Sylvain. So we are using the related_tweets v1 api call to display the conversation (much like on when a tweet is expanded. Since this is now gone, there are a few elaborate strategies including streaming for all @mentions of particular users and building the conversation ourselves, this is very much overkill for my app’s usage of the api call.

I will be experimenting with Embbedded Tweets to see if that will work for us. Overall though it would be nice to have a rest call to just return the tweets in a conversation (basically the same use case as its use on twitter clients).

Regarding third party twitter clients, without having this feature those apps may end up being obsolete (which I am sure is not twitter’s intention).

Thanks again for pro-actively trying to make this better for developers (which is the twitter mantra that I am familiar with :))


I’m trying to replace the functionality that was provided by ‘getRelatedResults()’, to fetch and display responses to a particular tweet as a threaded conversation. I don’t see a way to do this easily with the v1.1 API (perhaps I’m just missing it?).


+1 to Ben’s comment.

Basically I’d like to access “view conversation” functionality that’s built into twitter/ Twitter mobile (apparently supplied by an internal service /1.1/conversation/show.json?id=$id.)

Currently I’m doing a best-effort hack to mirror the functionality:
for user @bob’s tweet ID=1234

I query /1.1/search/tweets?q=@bob&since_id=1234
page through results and check if the in_reply_to_status_id_str matches the original tweet ID.

Of course this doesn’t get replies-to-replies and doesn’t get a “parent” tweet when the original status is itself a reply. My app in question is a mobile client that’s directly querying the twitter API, so following the streaming API isn’t feasible, and the number of queries required to retrieve the full conversation thread via the search API would be prohibitively expensive.

Thanks Sylvain for your support!


Hi Sylvain,

So I looked into embedded tweets and they also fall short of being useful. Embedded tweets do not show the threaded conversation … they only have the option (hide/show thread) to show the tweet that the current tweet is a reply to. What we need is a way to see the full conversation regarding a given tweet (just like on


+1 an API to get the full thread would be super helpful


Let me vote +1 for this.
I’d like to make a tree based visualization that being in interactive.
Could you tell me the reason why this feature can’t be in public yet?


Facing the same issue, It would be nice if supports a method that pulls all reply tweets and conversation when a parent tweet id is supplied, Thanks in advance - Har




This is also an issue for the app we’re working on. Our customers expect conversation threading and right now it looks like there’s going to be a bunch work/queries on our side to give them that experience.


+1. This feature would be exceptionally useful.


We’d totally be able to make use of this feature! +1


This feature would be super helpful for my research if available! +1

As @thom_nic mentioned, the in_reply_to_status_id field can be used as a work around to re-construct a conversation. For any tweets with this field, we can (1) find the tweet this current one is reply to, then go to that tweet to check whether that one has a in_reply_to_status_id field, and continue this step. (2) Search the entire collection of tweets to find whether there exists a tweet with a in_reply_to_status_id that match this current tweet. Do this step for every tweet involved in the conversation.

However, this could work only when you have a relatively small collection of tweets already downloaded for research purpose, since it may take a lot of time searching through for real-time applications. But an advantage of real-time application is that you can just do step(1) for each incoming tweet.

In addition, since API only gives a sample of all tweets, there might be a lot of broken point when trying to re-construct the conversation (I have not tried yet to see how much broken points there can be). Would really appreciate if Twitter API could support the conversation feature including how many conversations a user has engaged in and the length of each conversation.