Videos uploading success but not showing in account


I upload video using Hborras sdk chunked upload and video upload successfully but i couldnot find any video in my account media section . Where that videos are going


Once you’ve uploaded the media object (video), you need to attach it to a Tweet posted via statuses/update. Have you done that? Are there Tweets with video showing in your account where the videos are not then showing in the media tab?


i m trying to use uploaded video id to create video website card which gives me error : No video found with this video id , Invalid video id .
Hence then i check for media tab there is no video uploaded


Also to create create tweet , i m using card_uri parameter for which i need to create card first and in that i m getting error


Hey @usrcodeworld

In order to use any video entities for Ads you’ll need to set the media_category to amplify_video. Let me know if that works. Additionally, feel free to check out our media guide here for more details.



thanks for the suggestion, but i m using media_category parameter also in which value passed as “amplify_video”. I do not have problem with uploading video , video uploading successfully in which i get a video id also and when i use the same idea with media/status with get request it gives me response for successful fetching in which processing_info comes as succedded with 100% , any parameters as normal response comes . But then also video not showing in account media tab


Gotcha, so in order to view your media via the “media library” you’ll have to use the POST media_library endpoints to associate your uploaded media with a specific Ads account.

Hope that helps!


Thanks , it works for me . I post to media_library end points and then i can see video in my account media studio tab .