Videos Shared/Distributed to Twitter No Longer Embedding Properly



We operate a video marketing and distribution platform called WellcomeMat. The videos our customers are distributing are no longer embedding properly on Twitter. To confirm, we have not made any changes to this functionality for many months. Anyone have ideas about what may be going wrong?


Broken embeds can be found here -->


I think there may be a bug with Player Card functionality at the moment. I’m also experiencing this issue, as well as having problems with the “twitter:player:stream” tag properly displaying my videos within a mobile feed. Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated!


Have you already explored fixing the mixed scheme issues which appear when loading the twitter:player value? I see the following mixed content console errors when accessing the HTTPS player just in preview mode:

Does updating your stream value to an HTTPS URL with a valid SHA2 TLS cert chain fix the issue?


We now use the full https for our embeds (see this below link) and it still doesn’t work…. Thank you for all the assistance so far. What would you suggest as our best next moves?


Hi, we have a similar problem with our video card. This is a big problem for us too.
It seems to be a bug reported here: Existing custom player cards and flash

Our Player Card @radioradicale was approved in June 2015.
Please we need to fix this problem!
Thanks in advance!