Video Views Pre-roll - Unable to negate IAB_Categories



For Video Views Pre-roll campaigns, we found an issue where we are unable to negate IAB_Categories for a line_item. We were using an account created via the Sandbox API, that contains the VIDEO_VIEWS_PREROLL account_feature.

Here is the twurl with for the request:

twurl -H "" "/1/batch/accounts/gq0w3i/targeting_criteria" -r 

And here was the response. Notice how the “negated”:”true” is not even included in the request portion of the response. It seems that there might be a unknown permission in store here.

"request": [
      "params": {
        "line_item_id": "cmab",
        "targeting_type": "IAB_CATEGORY",
        "targeting_value": "IAB2",
        "account_id": "gq0w3i"
      "operation_type": "Create"
  "operation_errors": [
        "code": "INVALID",
        "message": "Your account is currently not authorized to do non-negative targeting on targeting criterion with type 'IAB_CATEGORY'",
        "attribute": "targeting_type"

Can you please advise and let us know if we need any additional permissions? Or perhaps this is a bug?


@jaakkosf @JBabichJapan Hey guys - any thoughts on this?


Bump - any thoughts on this? We are unable to proceed with a part of the functionality with the Pre-roll Video Ads.


We’re investigating this internally, and will have more updates for you soon. Thank you for your patience here!


@hwz Thanks for your help! Will be looking for your update!



For targeting criteria batch endpoint, it sounds like you need to call with “operator_type”: “NE” instead of “negated”: “true”. Can you please give this is a try and let us know if it fixes your issues?




@JBabichJapan Will try in the morning and let you know ASAP. Thank you for the response.