VIDEO_VIEWS Objective Campaigns: Available through the API yet?


Hi! Looking for an update on something that was commented on in Access video app cards through the ads API? :

“There is currently no support for creation of video cards through the API.”

Is this still true? Is there no way for me to create video tweets and incorporate them into VIDEO_VIEWS objective campaigns through the Ads API? If so, why are we able to create new campaigns with VIDEO_VIEWS at all?



Hey @phil_renaud,

Video Cards are not really “Video Cards”, they are just Video Tweets with information from the Video Card in the Twitter UI. This is fairly a bold statement, and would really like a Twitter Staff member to comment and confirm this, but my research confirms that this is true, please follow through:

For instance, this is what a Video Card is in the Twitter UI:

Following from the screenshot, in order for us to create a so-called “Video Card”, we need to provide:

  1. Video
  2. Title
  3. Description
  4. Call To Action
  5. URL

Does this look familiar? No? Not yet, but take a look at this image - pulled from creating a Tweet in the Twitter Ads API:

Now does it look familiar? It should now. These are the exact fields that you need to create a Video Card as well.

Further more, if you look in the creatives section of the Twitter UI, you can’t actually create or view Video cards. You can only view Videos and create Tweets from those Videos. And guess what that looks like:

Yep! Exactly the Video Card again! You might ask why? Why is creating Video Cards different from all the other Cards (which are in the creative section)?

Well, my perspective is that there is no such thing as a “Video Card.” All a “Video Card” is nothing but a Tweet with the optional video related fields set. These “Video Cards” or “Video Tweets” should be shown in the SCOPED_TIMELINE, but there currently is a bug and when the objective is set to VIDEO_VIEWS, we are not able to see any Tweets. Here is the forum topic for that: scoped_timeline + VIDEO_VIEWS does not work. Our team currently has a pending task to pull a twurl so that Twitter can resolve this issue.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. It would be awesome if any Twitter Staff members can comment and confirm my research findings.