Video uploaded correctly, but on browser got error


I uploaded a video and posted a tweet without any error during the REST Api calls.
But on the browser I got the error: “Your browser does not support video playback”… and when I looked at the HTML5 video tag and extracted this video url:

and that this address Twitter reply with 503 Internal server error !!
What’s happening ?

If I tried to do the same with another video I uploaded everything it’s fine:

How can I solve this issues ?


An update of my insights.
It seems that Twitter get problem on converting the video on a specific format, but I don’t know what can be the problem.
Twitter generate all variants but 1280x720 :frowning: why ?

You can download the original video from here:


I would check the codec used by the clip. Your browser probably doesn’t support it.


Cannot be the codec support of my browser … because I’m generating the video clips with ffmpeg. So, I now what codec I’m using and all others I generated are fine on Twitter.

Also, as I said, looking at the URL of where twitter store the videos you get a 503 Internal server error. So, the video cannot be downloaded at all from

These are the URLs of the video with problem reported by Twitter:

Only the last one is unreachable, the first three are perfect.