Video uploaded but not displaying on Twitter



I uploaded video using node Rest Programe.

FINALIZED 201 {“media_id”:679592286519336962,“media_id_string”:“6795922865193369

1st Time I got below error:
{ command: ‘STATUS’, media_id: ‘679591448405135360’ }
STATUS: 503 {“errors”:[{“message”:“Over capacity”,“code”:130}]}

2nd Time I got below error:
Status Parameter : { command: ‘STATUS’, media_id: ‘679592286519336962’ }
STATUS: 400 {“errors”:[{“code”:325,“message”:“A media id was not found.”}]}

Also the video I uploaded is not showing on twitter.

Is there any verification process on Twitter so video will be verified and Display on Twitter ?

I think we need more detailed error when the upload is wrong.

Please let me know if any solution.