Video upload samples for iOS and Android




The process of uploading chunked video data from both iOS and Android is a convoluted and annoying process. I’m amazed that the Twitter SDK still doesn’t support uploading video; a very common and (what should be) straight forward task. Instead, the forums are littered with people posting about issues when uploading media and no solutions given.

Could we please have fully working sample code for both iOS and Android for uploading chunked video data (that works with videos greater than 5MB; the chunk size limit).

It would also be nice if the documentation for those platforms was given more attention. It is severely lacking.

I don’t want to sound harsh, but there are serious issues with the Twitter documentation that are a major source of frustration, especially when compared to Facebook which has good documentation and an SDK that does everything you need.


Thanks for your feedback and thoughts on this @kristian_wma and agreed that we could have much better documentation in this area. It’s something that’s on our internal backlog to improve.


Any updates about samples for mobile platforms?


No updates yet @rowest - sorry!


Any updates on the Samples for Android/iOS?