Video Upload Error: VideoTool threw an exception



I’m using the chunked video upload approach and the INIT, APPEND and FINALIZE commands are working. On the FINALIZE command, I’m getting back a processing_info object with check_after_secs. I then wait the amount of seconds that check_after_secs gives me and call the STATUS command. The status command is failing with the error “VideoTool thew an exception”.

You can download the video I’ve been testing here:,vc_h264:baseline:3.1/l_stardust_watermark,w_65,c_scale,g_south,y_20/v1510183935/svjufbsxkwexxt8bkpe3.mp4

I’ve double checked it against the video recommendations and it seems like it should upload successfully.

Any ideas on what I can do to get this working?