Video Thumbnails



Dear Twitter Staff,

In the Twitter Ads UI, It looks like there is a way to change the thumbnail of a video after uploading it. See screenshot:

Is there a way to do this via the Ads API? Please advise.


@JBabichJapan @andrs @jillblaz Any help here guys? We could really use some help.


Hi @msbukkuri! The only place where I used a video thumbnail (so far) was when creating a video app download card (image_media_id field). I didn’t see there to be any way of associating a thumbnail to a video object, out of any other context.


Thanks @majoritasdev. I’m aware of this and have used it on the video app card end point.

We are interested in changing the thumbnail of Video Tweet only.


I see. I didn’t see in the API to be able to do that… I looked at and

Twitter Staff, can you confirm this, please?

Option to pass custom thumbnail while uploading a video to Twitter through REST API

Sorry, we currently do not allow updates to the preview / thumbnail for video view campaigns via the API. And correct, the most up to date documentation will be here:

Video App Cards:

Video Conversation Cards:


This feature has now been added. See