Video src='undefined'


I try to validate a twitter player card.
I provide the valid https URL to a page with flash player on my site. When i open it in my browser I see a page with flash player and it’s possible to start playback. And no SSL errors - the ‘https’ word in Chrome’s address var is green, without yellow alerts. And no JS errors in Chrome Devtools console too.
As I understood when reading documentation, I should put the link to this page into twitter:player meta tag, and then iframe with this url as src should appear in twitter card. Due to fact that the direct streaming in MPEG-4 is impossible for us (RTMP is what we use) the page with flash player on it is the only way to create player twitter card for us.
The validator says everything is fine but there is now video iframe on validator page in Card Preview widget, there is only a video tag with src=“undefined” (and no validation errors in validator so it’s impossible for me to understand what’s the trouble).

What’s wrong ? Maybe I missed smth in documentation ? The description of how twitter:player metatag should work is very short and unclear…


Don’t worry about the video in the validator having src=“undefined”. If you try for example with a YouTube URL it is the same. As you guessed, the validator’s video player only works if twitter:player:stream is specified, but even though it gives a better experience on mobile devices, it’s not a requirement.
However, if you use Flash, be careful that the player must also work on iOS or recent Android devices (most player cards use Flash on PC/Mac and HTML 5 on iOS/Android).


Thnx for the answer ! it’s really bad that validator works not like it should. I thought that it’s smth wrong with tags or player accessability.