Video/Player card - Video hosted on Twitter with autoplay (Amplify)


Hi - I would like to get some confirmation please!

This tweet -> and others like it seem to show a video, with text that autoplays in the users feed - without the “View Media” button.

Is this using the Twitter Player Card or is this using the Twitter Amplify or even something else? I integrated the Twitter Player on our site using youTube but it doesn’t render like this at all. There is no autoplay, all one sees is the “View Media” and when you click on the video you are redirected to youTube?

Please help!

I think this user summed it up well in another post:



This is an example of a Tweet promoted using our Amplify product. This is not the same as a Player card.

Taking a look at ESPN’s account, they seem to have implemented Player cards on their site, with their own streams.